SeedLink is a protocol designed for the transmission of seismological, and related, data in the miniSEED format. The protocol is TCP-based and has been used operationally in a wide variety of environments for many years.

The core protocol is designed to be very small with a number of optional capabilities defined for enhanced use. This allows for operation in a wide range of hardware and environments, from simple microcontrollers used in digitizers to powerful servers in a datacentre.

See Protocol for details.


SeedLink protocol was originally created in GFZ Potsdam around 2000. Version 3, the first widely used version of the protocol, was a result of the development within the MEREDIAN EC project under the lead of GEOFON/GFZ Potsdam and ORFEUS/KNMI. Later, a number of extensions to SeedLink v3 were added by GFZ Potsdam and IRIS DMC.

See the Versions for a history of protocol changes.